Why are we doing this?

Connecting People

We want to connect participants who are working on something exciting, experimental, promising around the themes of Green Creative Sector, Green Business, Green Science and Green Philosophy.


We feel there is a need to bring all individual stories of change makers, green entrepreneurs and creatives to a wider audience and to radically increase the visibility of ambitious, green ideas.

Building the Movement

We believe it’s time to bring the many ways in which small projects and local heroes act, together in a larger network. Only when we exchange our experience, knowledge and connections, we can develop a global movement that can actually turn the way our society is programmed.

Practise what you preach

There are a lot of ways to talk green. But still air travel is growing and ridiculously cheap. We will show that a radical green lifestyle is not just healthy for the planet, but also enriching for yourself, creating new connections and making space for beauty, fun and adventure.

Send us your questions so we can explain more!


Who is behind this?

Green Culture TrainCamp is initiated by NGO Krug, International Centre for Sustainable Cultural Collaboration based in London, UK, who are the founder and producer of the Green Culture project. The train conference is part of the plan since the project’s inception 7 years ago. Coming together with NGO Krug, GC TrainCamp is collaboratively designed and delivered with The Turn Club from Amsterdam.

The Turn Club

The Turn Club connects visionaries, change makers and practical idealists to the most pressing social and environmental issues by applying the artist-mindset. With imagination, beauty and play, we can approach problems that seem stuck with fresh eyes.

We tell what art can do and show how artists reframe current issues.

We connect artists and other change makers to places, organisations and people that are working on a sustainable world.

We work on the inner turn of our members, a turn from result-oriented, isolated work to a constructive way to share our process of research and development, leading to involve more people in the creative journeys of our members.

Merlijn, Esther, Jolanda, Anke, Annabella

Impact Hub Amsterdam

Alexandra has grown up all over the world & is truly a global citizen! With a professional background in corporate innovation, leadership development & strategic communication, she loves to support entrepreneurs to build successful and authentic impact driven businesses. Aside from working as Impact Hub Amsterdam’s Community Lead, Alexandra is a mentor, coach and facilitator at A Life Electric, where her goal is to get entrepreneurs where they want to go, by equipping them with pragmatic tools to run full force at their goals.

Alexandra Lomo Melian

Krug London

Vesna Sokolovska Jovićević FRSA, is the founder and visionary behind the Green Culture project. She is a cultural manager and producer, leading the NGO Krug, based in London, with branches in Podgorica and Cetinje, Montenegro and Skopje, Macedonia and newly set up Green Culture US Series which will be brought to 5 US cities: New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Andrea Mitrovska

I am a 28 year old copywriter/activist that got out of her comfort zone by moving from Skopje to Delft in less than a month; ready to gain more knowledge, explore different culture and put the skills and previous experience into work.

Another word for creativity is courage and I have the courage to try new different ways of working and creating.

From a copywriter and  journalist to successful initiator and organiser of social projects I have always strived to contribute by bringing out the best I’ve got.

I believe it’s important to know how to manage your talent and use it in order to accomplish your life goals but also to improve the environment of living and working.

Heroes and Friends

Heroes & Friends helps idealists and world changers to get organised. With easy to claim personal project webpages they can gather supporters and friends and share news and needs. Heroes and Friends believes friendship holds the key to change. The toolkit is radically effective in realising passion projects using the power of friends.

Michiel de Koning

Merlijn Twaalfhoven | The Turn Club

Merlijn Twaalfhoven_the Turn Club

Esther Beunis | The Turn Club

Turn Club lid Esther Beunis

Jolanda Slurink | The Turn Club

Turn Club lid Jolanda_Slurink

Anke van Ravensteijn | The Turn Club

Anke van Ravensteijn_lid van The Turn Club

Annabella Rijksen | The Turn Club

Alexandra Lomo Melian | Impact Hub Amsterdam

Vesna Sokolovska | NGO Krug

Andrea Mitrovska | copywriter/activist

Michiel de Koning | Heroes and Friends

Michiel de Koning_lid van The Turn Club